Care2Talk is a change behaviour (domestic violence Intervention) programme and family intervention service based in Uxbridge and Feltham, Middlesex. 

Care2talk have been running a Change Behaviour Programme and Family Intervention Service based in Uxbridge Care2talk was founded in 2011. We are a non-funded community service offering support to men, women and children in the community.

We currently offer the following services:

  • A Change Behaviour (Domestic Violence Intervention) programme for men and women who use/have used Domestic Violence/abuse in their intimate partner relationships.
  • A Nationwide Change Behaviour Programme for women and men who use Intimate Partner Violence/Abuse.
  • A partner support service for men and women who are attending the programme
  • A Counselling Service for women and men who have suffered from or who are suffering from Domestic Violence/Abuse
  • 10 week You & Me, Mum programme for mothers who are living with or have lived with domestic violence/abuse. AND support for their children.
  • A general low cost Counselling service for anyone needing counselling and support.
  • Mindfulness programme and sessions.

Our Nationwide service is carried out via ZOOM/SKYPE on a 1-2-1 basis. We have no restrictions as to where our clients come from. Men and women are encouraged to refer themselves onto the programmes, and may also be referred through other agencies, such as the Police/Social Care, Probation, Courts, Drug and Alcohol services. For Self-referrals, please email info.care2talk@gmail.com or call 07564 016066. It’s quicker to email us than call. Please leave your name, number and email address when you call.

Agencies who wish to refer to our service should contact us by email at info.care2talk@gmail.com or call 07564 016066 to discuss your client with us.

Please note, due to covid-19 restrictions, we are currently all working via Zoom or Skype.
Our office is closed until further notice.