Change Behaviour Programme for Men

Change Behaviour Programme for Men

Care2Talk run a Change Behaviour (Domestic Violence Intervention) programme in Uxbridge and Feltham for men who are using or have used Domestic Violence/Abuse in their intimate partner relationships.

The programme aims are:

  • To ensure the safety of female victims and their children
  • To work with other agencies to manage risk constructively
  • To promote change in abusive/violent behaviour

The expected outcomes for men attending the programme are that on completion they will be able to:

  • Identify the intents and beliefs that underpin their violence and abuse
  • Take positive steps to change their relationship/s using the skills and tools provided on the programme
  • Acknowledge the effect of their behaviour towards their ex-partners/ partner and children
  • Take 100% responsibility for their use of violent and abusive behaviours

The referral process for men who use intimate partner violence:
Men are encouraged to refer themselves onto the programme.

Criteria for accessing the violence intervention Programme:

  • The man must be 18 years or older
  • The man must not be due to attend court or be involved in any criminal proceedings
  • The man must be prepared and agree to provide contact details of his (ex) partners (if known) so that they can be offered support from the partner support service
  • The man must agree to attend the programme voluntarily and show some motivation to change his behaviour


A comprehensive programme assessment is completed prior to the man starting the programme, the assessment usually takes around two sessions. He will be required to sign a contract and give informed consent to share information prior to the starting the programme.

The 1 2 1 Programme

The men’s 1 2 1 Change Behaviour programme consists of 28-32 weekly psycho educational sessions, the sessions are 50 minutes each.

Modules will include: Violence, Power and Control, Denial and Minimisation, Beliefs, Effects, Sexual Respect, Jealousy, Emotional Abuse, Coercive control, Accountability, Parenting and effects of
domestic violence on children, Letting go, Threats and Intimidation, Abusing male privilege, Isolation, Negotiation and Communication.

We work to a co-ordinated community response and will share information with relevant organisations as and when necessary.

The man’s partner/ ex partner will be offered support from our partner support service whilst he is on (and after) the programme.

For further information contact us on 07564 016066 or email info.care2talk@gmail