Change Behaviour Programme

Change Behaviour Programme

If you think...

Your behaviour is damaging your relationship?

Your partner is afraid of you?

Your behaviour needs changing?

Your children are afraid of you?

Then it's time to do something positive to change your behaviour

Have you used any of the following?

  • Intimidated your partner with your presence
  • Controlled your partner’s social contact (with family or friends)
  • Checked up on your partner (phones/emails/social network sites)
  • Stopped your partner going out
  • Belittled/degraded/ humiliated your partner
  • Thrown things
  • Kicked your partner (or other objects)
  • Punched / Hit your partner
  • Held your partner down
  • Bitten your partner
  • Pushed/shoved your partner
  • Shaken your partner
  • Used or threatened to use a weapon
  • Put your hands around your partner’s throat
  • Punched walls/slammed doors
  • Denied and minimised your violence and blamed your partner for your behaviour
  • Controlled access to finances
  • Threatened to harm/kill/hurt/take children away/hurt children or family members
  • Used your children or child access to punish your partner/ abused her/him in front of the
  • Forced sex or specific sex acts / hurt during sex
  • Inappropriate or unwanted sexual demands
  • Sulked if you don’t get sex
  • Made all of the major financial decisions

If you have answered yes to any of the above behaviours, it is likely that your are being abusive

Now is the time to stop and make different choices.

How much worse does it have to get before you do something about it?

You can learn to make differet choices and change your behaviour

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