Care2Talk  offer a wide range of specialist training opportunities for frontline staff,  police,  counsellors, health workers, social workers, housing workers, child protection workers, violence prevention workers, therapists,  supervisors and anyone who may come across domestic violence during the course of their work.

Training packages include:

  • 2 days Working with Female Perpetrators
  • 5 days Working with Male Perpetrators
  • 5 days Violence Prevention Group Work (female and male)
  • 2 days Working with Male Victims
  • 1 day Domestic Violence Awareness
  • Assessing women who present as using intimate partner Violence/Abuse – 2 days
  • Understanding Women who use intimate partner Violence/Abuse – 1 day
  • Working with women who use intimate partner Violence/Abuse – 3 days
  • The Mind of a Perpetrator – 1 day
  • Engaging effectively with Perpetrators – 3 days
  • Effective partner support – 2 days
  • What is Domestic Violence/Abuse – 1 day
  • Working with Male Victims of Domestic Violence/Abuse – 1/2 days
  • Working 1 – 2 – 1 with men and women who use intimate partner Violence/Abuse 3 days

We offer tailor made packages to suit your organisation.  Call 07564 01066 to discuss your needs.

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Care2Talk  offer consultancy to organisations setting up intervention projects with perpetrators and/or victims of domestic violence and provide supervision for domestic violence group workers/facilitators.

Training, consultancy and supervision are provided by experienced and skilled domestic violence specialists.